Sunday, November 13, 2016


Every night before,
You'd trace my jawline,
And watch me slumber,
You'd tell me your secrets,
and brushed me off my sins.

But tonight,
You said goodbye,
You couldn't explore my faculties anymore,
You told me the devil found out,
and that there wouldn't be us no more.

I stand quietly,
Overlooking the unoccupied bed,
An overview of the whole room,
Sobbing silently,
Swearing effortlessly,
As the invisible figure approaches,
Kissing my cold cheeks and whispering,
Words of love and apologies

I glance from afar,
That invisible figure disappears,
Traveling through the night,
Ending his journey near a house,
With a yellow  car parked right beside.

Far and wide,
His image comes to light,
He kisses the toddler's forehead,
and wishes the child goodnight,
Thoughts of us runs through his head,
All washed out at the sound of her voice.