Monday, October 24, 2016


You said,
It'll be forever.
You said,
Our stars would shine forever,
You said,
Your love will be like no other,
Yeah, that's what you said.

I believed,
That love would be for eternity,
I believed,
Your heart will always be for me,
I believed,
In happy endings happy stories,
I believed,
In long term stability
Yeah, that's what I believed.

Two full moons passed,
Yet we still haven't moved.
What a lie this is!
What a shame this is!

You ought to count your blessings now,
And hold on to your sandy-white-beached dream,
Cause I,
I am not gonna be your cotton candy clouds,
I won't be your chocolate flavoured rivers,
Or ever become your empress in a tower.

So walk on and get out,
Your maps end here,
Your words can't be your staying pass no more.

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