Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Devil's play

If only,
Time were more flexible,
Memories were erasable,
Words were retractable,
You and I,
Would move along,
Never exchanging glances.

If only,
Songs were unsung,
Lyrics were unwritten,
And promises were unbroken,
You and I,
Would hold hands,
and drive around the endless roads.

If only,
You cared enough,
You loved enough,
You listened enough,
And communicated enough,
You and I,
Would still make secret plans,
And have late night take outs.

If only,
I didn't fall in love,
I didn't miss,
And I didn't know you,
You and I,
Would wonder about life,
and never appreciate tiny details.

But what ifs,
Doubts and sorrows,
Pain and angst,
All devil's play.
Life is better now,
And for that,
 You couldn't stay.

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