Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Our hearts sway together,
To the song of chemistry,
In a beautiful waltz our feelings linger,
Under the pale moonlight, near the seas.

Our minds walk hand-in-hand,
Down by the beaches of sanity,
Accompanied  by sad piano sonatas,
By the cliffs our thoughts sit and drink tea.

Fate, dream destiny and hope invite us to a table,
Come, come ! They say,
The event is about to start,
Our bodies hold to one another,
As the poker game begin.

Our unspoken love are our losing cards,
Our positivity our winning edge,
Fate screams in anger,
Tells us to play separately.

We were no longer a team of two,
So we both followed through,
I actually have the losing hand,
Is this really what it's all about?

Fate tells us to walk down the plank for losing it all,
We argue relentlessly till we realised,
It was never about it or them,
Now our consciences  finally understand.

In those seas of pain our bodies swim,
Our fragile spirits drowning with regret,
I can't swim I tell you,
I will accept my death.

The fire burning within me now dim,
There is no more to blow,
With tears in your bedroom eyes,
You let me go,
And watch slowly as I sink in,

And close my eyes.

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