Saturday, May 11, 2013


12:00 am
12th May 2013

To move imaginary, self-defined mountains or to reconstruct our own personalised versions of Taj Mahal and Atlantis; is love supposed to do? To be able to narrate tales of similar endings such as Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and The Beast? Or maybe to just fulfill the less sophisticated needs of a normal person; of being happy for a long period of time? Of course, one would argue that there isn’t such a thing as ‘being happy’ for a long time without the occasional rows/arguments and the crying-and-wailing-then-abrupt-hugging clich├ęd situation; there isn’t a single doubt in that.

Only I wonder, what is it or why is it that love is so important to us that society in general search high and low, under and over the rugs, deep into the darkest seas and high into the bluest skies; only to find that ultimate high? Maybe the whole idea of love discussed here is too broad or maybe too narrow; but it totally depends on the questions asked by the asker and pondered by the ponderer.  Like for myself, I am asking such general questions and of course, these notions are opened for further discussion and debates.

I am only introducing this motion as a means of trying to understand and comprehend the true meaning of ‘LOVE’. The question here still stands, what is it or why does it make people do such crazy things? After such a long time of being single and having (I would say) enough and sufficient time to re-think and re-analyse all my past mistakes, I have come to a solid conclusion that whatever ‘preconceived’ idea that I had about such an alien feeling should honestly be thrown out of the window.

Love is frankly something I have yet to understand. The dynamics of it, the true nature of it; its meaning itself is just something my heart and logic (still) can’t come to an agreement with. And what’s worse is that it doesn’t come with a ‘right/wrong’ instruction guide and so trying to keep my definitions and someone else’s definitions of it in line just wouldn’t make perfect sense.
Also before I forget, all those weird side-effects of it, too. The ones whereby sometimes it’s filled with jealousy and anger, and those insecurities you both have, those doubts about it. Big and MASSIVE headache triggers, yes.

But I guess because it’s such a vague idea, with such a broad and (also at the same time) narrow definition to it makes it all ever more interesting. Because it’s all those things you do not understand, you take the ride. It’s like a one-way ticket to some unknown island and the journey itself is just so, so unpredictable that you get and look forward to. And the weirdest part to me, is the fact that my definition changes, based on my outlook, goals and also the person who chooses to share this feeling with me.

My mother once told me, “Love is when someone loves you and wants you to be whatever you dream of. But TRUE LOVE is when someone loves you, wants you to chase your goals for your own sake, and at the same time reminds you to love yourself more than loving him; because you’re only beautiful if you love yourself more.” I think what she said makes sense, though to be truthful, after just so many relationships, I have now, (hopefully) found that one person who makes me feel the exact same thing mentioned earlier.

Though wise words, like I said earlier, very, very vague and broad in terms of laying out the other important fundamentals but narrow enough to make you understand that it is all about you (fixing whatever you have to) as an individual before you and your partner as a unit.

It’s getting late. I just needed to write just to see how badly I sound after not writing for….4 months?
Goodnight. I hope I didn’t talk too much