Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Blues

8:30 am
1st April 2012
“You look wonderful tonight”-Erip Clapton
“Because people do grow up in the end”- anonymous

Dear diary,
It’s been a while since I last updated, yes? How have you been? (HAHAHAHA typical diary entry LOL)

Let’s end the crap talk and begin the real business shall we?

I’ve been awfully busy these past few weeks; busy planning the trip to Tioman, busy re-organising the trip to Tioman, finalising and last but not least, I’ve been busy with WORK. Yes, you read that right; INTERNSHIP. It’s been only 2 weeks of work, but I swear to God; I’m so madly in love with it.
Working is definitely more challenging than studying; but the fact that applying all the information you find, knowledge you already know and everything else; it’s been nothing but an amazing journey. I know, I mean 10 days is still such a short period of time to say much; but I can definitely see myself working as a chemical engineer with this company. LIKE SERIOUSLY. I know, I’ve still got 10 weeks to go, but I love it so much. I’m working with a renewable energy company which converts empty fruit bunches (EFB) to usable Bio-Oil. The product shall be used as industrial boiler fuel in hopes to replace the dependence on fossil fuels.

Okay, work stuff aside; I’ve been busy reading manga. I’ve been doing nothing else but obsessing over the Tioman trip. And I might just get another trip in June before I run off back to Brisbane. InsyaAllah, I’ve got a great few months ahead of me. I’m happier this way, I need not communicate with anyone and I need not gossip.

By the way, it’s already ,...APRIL!


Alia Rujhan

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today at 12 am.

12:00:33 am,
19th of March 2012
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Loving Ghosts- Vedera

My alarm went off; I was already sleeping when both my BBs vibrated like mad, one at 10:00 pm and another at 12:00 am sharp. It's today.

Today marks the first day of my working life; or should I say 'preparation for working life'?

Today is also someone's birthday, a person who have touched my heart unlike anyone else. We don't talk no more, but I never forget his birthday.

You used to be my shoulder to cry on. You used to annoy the crap out of me. You used to be that one person I know would tell me everything would be fine. And this year, as I was planning a surprise present to be mailed to you, I wanted to call you up to get your address, but I'd realised something; you didn't answer your phone call, nor the text messages I'd sent you earlier.

I made one big mistake. I'd forgotten that in 2012, we don't know each other anymore.

I'd forgotten that in 2011, I chose to leave; that you chose to ignore my presence in your current life.

I'd forgotten that it isn't 2006, 2007,2008, 2009 nor 2010.

We're no longer in high school. We're no longer anywhere close to what we were before.

But I'm alright, like you said before, you'd always have my back no matter what & we'll always subconsciously stay as friends no matter what happens. I'll cherish our memories till the day I die.

I'm stronger when I stand alone without anyone supporting me, I've always needed no one else but myself.

I wish you nothing but the best and happiest 23rd birthday. Sorry I cant personally convey this, so this is your very public happy birthday from my side.You've been wonderful to me all these years, so I guess you deserve a precious post from me on my old, beloved blog you used to read back in those days. I'm sorry if I'd ever hurt you directly or indirectly throughout the course of our friendship. All the best, stranger.



Alia Rujhan

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

part 28

The two individuals clearly was so involved in what they were experiencing inside their bodies that both had forgotten to breathe, and so had to pull away from each other to inhale as much oxygen as possible. David’s hands, automatically cupped the brunette’s small face as he looked into her eyes; trying to search for an ounce or even a drop of regret or angst to be present in her system after he braved himself to commit such an action. But to his relief, he saw none of those said feelings but detected something different; something he knew well of. Her chestnuts shone in their most brilliant shade he’d ever seen, and there was a strong feeling of happiness in those pair of eyes. It was amazing; what he was seeing. Natalia was now blushing again, but the light pinkish tint under her cheeks was different than the scarlet red shade she became after that bold devilish smile he’d offered earlier. Natalia had blushed again for the third time before him; and this time the same as she blushed the morning they woke up after making love the night before. David kissed her forehead silently, as he brushed the strands of brunette curls out of her face; enjoying the view of this Natalia sitting quietly, facing him and smiling with all her heart and soul. He knew she felt the same way and though he knew getting her to confess was a long-shot, at least he knew she did feel the same way. Maybe it wasn’t a whole lot like the towering amount he was feeling for her; but it was enough for him to know that she’d loved him back; and he was more than happy to accept it.

David knew Natalia was going to fall back asleep; especially since her hangovers would normally last around roughly 3-4 hours and then the girl would sleep like an infant, but David didn’t want to take any chances with her, so he tucked her back to bed even though she was now wiggling her way out of his strong arms. “I’ll sleep too, don’t you worry!” He exclaimed as he knew she thought that he was going to leave her to sleep all alone. Natalia kept her hands to herself right away after hearing him utter such a sentence, before nestling herself into his strong arms as he hummed her to sleep. The after-kiss moments weren’t as awkward as he thought they’d become; especially after the long staring and his pathetic ‘After-Try’ (after scoring a rugby goal) dance that his heart was making up to the present moment that was clearly visible in his eyes. “Dave?” “Yes, princess?” “Goodnight” He smiled down at the girl, “Goodnight sweetie” “Dave?” “Yes, Natalia” “Thanks for always being here for me” “You’re welcome.” And there was a long pause, at which David thought the girl had fallen asleep until “Dave?” “Yes?” “You smell of oranges. No, you taste of oranges” “You don’t like it, love?” “I love it, only it being on you I don’t.” “And why’s that?” “Haruka’s hair smells of oranges and citrus” “David stroked her cheek, and kissed her forehead once more. “Go to sleep.” “Dave?” David looked down, knowing very well that she’d wanted to annoy him, “I love you too.” David froze for a bit, as he watched Natalia close her eyes, a smile curving itself on her lips. He hugged her as close as he could to his body; her scent now overwhelming his senses, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t care less if he were to die there and then. It was the best morning in his life, even better than the morning they woke up in bed together a few mornings ago. His heart thanked god for a while, before slumbering into his fantasy land, where Natalia was already waiting for him at the entrance.


Natalia moved to the edge of the bed when she felt a pair of strong arms pulling her closer to a familiar warmth and scent, before she finally opened her eyes; realising that someone else was next to her. She’d forgotten again that she fell asleep in David’s arms, and when she had remembered, she felt his steady heartbeat echo in her eardrums, and the sleeping figure brought millions of calmness into her system. She caressed his tranquil face and planted a small peck on his cheek. He opened his eyes as her lips left his cheek, and chestnuts meet hazels once again.


David chuckled, “You mean afternoon, princess?” “Yeah, but technically it’s morning now; to us at least” Smiling, the guy asked, eyes half-closed, “How did you sleep last night?” “I slept well. I always sleep well” “You always sleep well after throwing a tantrum, it’s the guy who’s gotta take care of you the one getting the hangover almost immediately” Upon hearing those words, the girl attempted to sit up, before he pulled her back to bed, “Hey, what’s wrong? Come back to bed, you don’t have anything to do today.” “PHILLIP!” Her voice screaming his name, she was now breathing hard, “Poor Phillip, Dave! OMG I’m so embarrassed!” “Natalia, don’t worry! He’s alright! You didn’t kill him yesterday” He assured her, patting on her hands. “Did I scare him?” “Babe, you scare even monstrous creatures like me, what more nice, young blokes like Phillip.” The girl nodded before landing her body on the bed all over again, David’s arms encircling her small figure. It felt perfect this time, and she found it more than a coincidence that her small body fitted just perfectly with David’s big, muscular figure. Everything that noon was picture-perfect to her, until the haunting howls from a familiar engine broke the silence of the Adams Estate. The two of them knew too well of the car parked outside her balcony; it was Zara’s. Few seconds after that, another car cruised by Natalia’s balcony before the sound of its engine died almost instantly. “Trouble” She managed to mumble in between glances between the two, before David looked at Natalia and nodded. She got up from bed and headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth, wash her face and freshen up. David waited patiently for the bedroom door to slam open, before the scent of Zara flooded the room; it wasn’t unusual for this to happen; the devil bathed in perfume as far as he was concerned. Fiery eyes looked at him, before screaming, “Where IS YOUR FUCK BUDDY, DAVID?”

“WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE, ZARA. YOU’RE NOT IN THE CONFINES OF YOUR HOUSE SO YOU WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE WHEN YOU BARGE INTO SOMEONE ELSE’S HOUSE!” Haruka’s voice echoed the room, trying to pull on Zara’s hands but such attempts were unsuccessful, since anger had completely took over Zara and when that happened, nothing would stop her from unleashing the devil inside of her; like that’s even necessary when she’s already devil incarnate himself. Natalia walked out of the bathroom and into her room; now feeling a little choked. The room felt like it was suddenly too small for four people, which was contradicting to the actual room size which could easily fit 20 people without suffocating anyone and with ample space to walk around; but it felt that way for a reason; Zara and Haruka both were present. Natalia already had a bad night, now was she going to have a bad noon?

“If it was me you’re looking for, I have a name. And I am most certainly NOT his fuck buddy; I will never stoop as low as you did.” The brunette walked towards her bedside table; grabbing her cigarette box as David pulled up the blinds and opened the windows. She offered everyone in the room a ciggie, a gesture which wasn’t very much appreciated by the tall blonde, but Natalia ignored the former’s frown and continued to light up hers. David and Zara too, light up their ciggie and the whole room paused for a bit, before Natalia’s voice shifted into the cold one David knew very well of; her facial features now a pure-poker face. Haruka put on the same mask and Zara followed in the same step. David knew this was a fight occurring in girl-world, and he for once, refused to get himself involved regardless of the fact that all he wanted to do now were to punch Haruka in her face and drag Zara out of the room for ruining his beautiful noon with Natalia. But he was, indeed, not the type to ever lay a finger on a woman; his parents taught him better and so he kept quiet, sucking on his cigarette and exhaling quietly, his eyes watching attentively as the second-hand smoke, anger, pain, betrayal, and other negative vibes filled in the atmosphere.

“Heard you grew up, Zara. So what brings you to the playground?” Natalia asked as she sat next to David, ignoring to make eye-contact with the woman that barged into her room. It had annoyed her beyond words, but she remembered the incident at which she had stormed into Zara’s room and invaded her privacy; so now Zara had made things even. “OH shut up, Natalia. You know exactly what I’m talking about!” “And...What is that?” “You fucking bitch! Do you not remember that you fucked the brains out of Haruka?” David swallowed hard upon listening to Zara’s bitter words. He felt disappointment and frustration overpowering his veins; only to be stopped by his conscience telling him that he had anticipated such things would happen yesterday, so he shook off the ugly feeling away as he moved closer to Natalia. The girl next to him smiled at him, “Oh, did I hear that right, Ru? So I did a good job at fucking your brains out, yes? Tell me, Ruka, did this koneko of yours satisfy you better than that piece of work standing in front of me now?” Haruka blushed for a bit, still biting on her own tongue; refraining from saying anything. The tension could be felt in the whole room, before Zara’s voice boomed, “I see you haven’t received the news yet then, Natalia Lee Adams. What a pity! You live just around the block and you don’t even know what’s the latest gossip? Guess you should stop fucking him all the time and open your ears to other noises instead of those of him moaning.” “Yeah, you betcha I didn’t. And I’d be happier to just listen to him moan when we make love; because from what I gathered it wasn’t you he chose to give himself to; it was ME, Zara.” Zara closed her mouth, tears now collecting at the corners of her eyes. “You see, Zara. Every game we play; we’re at par. Unlike you, who always have to cheat to win. I never cheat, Zara. I always win; and you know it yourself. That’s why you scheme, I don’t.” Natalia threw her cigarette into the extinguishing ashtray nearby the window, before locking gaze with Haruka; her chestnuts displayed no emotions at all. Haruka’s teals looked right back, but had a peculiar emotion behind them; and that was, indeed, guilt.

Zara stood there, almost flabbergasted; before regaining the strength to move and threw away her cigarette into the same ashtray. “Haruka and I are dating.” Natalia chuckled for a bit, before turning to Haruka, “Is that true, Ruka?” Haruka nodded, not saying anything further. “Well, too bad, Ruka. I would’ve been more than happy to fuck your brains out even more in the future. Maybe when you get bored of her, call me up for a booty call. You know I can never say no to you.” The brunette smiled as she got up from the bed and leaned onto the wall next to the opened windows, now getting a better view of everyone’s faces. David seemed to be lost in his musings, Zara trying to muster something to rebut the brunette with and the tall sandy blonde whose teals now looked watery. Natalia ignored every emotion that surfaced after she’d finished uttered such a dreadful sentence. She knew too well how much those words had hurt Haruka, but she just couldn’t let her guard down and showed Zara how much the blonde meant to her; she couldn’t take the chances of losing this battle. “So you only think of Haruka as a fuck buddy?” “So now you’re a bi, Zara?” “Don’t change the topic.” “Don’t fuck with me, Zara” Zara flipped her blonde highlighted hair, before looking at the brunette, “No. I’m gay.” “BULLSHIT. You’re still fucking with Sam aren’t you?” “Why? All of a sudden it’s necessary to know who I fuck? I thought you said that you’d rather hear him moan your name than listen to the gossip.” “Keep him out of this! Oh, territorial I see? Now you’re taking responsibility of keeping your fuck-toys now, Zara? I’m impressed!” “I can involve anyone I want! You’re such a piece of shit, Talia!”

“Says the person who uploaded the video of me having some girl-on-girl action with his sister on facebook, and then sleeping with a girl herself! What kinda person are you, Zara?” “Definitely not a person without an ounce of pride in her like you are!” “If I had no pride, I would’ve been just like you; sleeping with your own best friend’s crush-turned-boyfriend! NO! If I had no pride, I wouldn’t mind sleeping with the one and only person my best friend trusted with all her heart!” The brunette finally burst, there were tears in her eyes, her hands shaking and her voice almost breaking, there was total silence in the room. “If I had no pride I wouldn’t mind betraying my best friend! If I had no pride I wouldn’t mind making my own best friend become the social outcast in the whole of Melbourne! I’d do that all if I had NO PRIDE, NO CONSCIENCE NO SENSE OF HUMANITY EVER! But I didn’t do all that, Zara. You did!” Natalia took breath of air for a while, as David, Zara and Haruka listened quietly to what the brunette had to say; both other women were now almost shocked to see the brunette breaking like mad. “and the worst part is that I never understood why you did all this. You’re so much prettier than me, you’ve got more admirers, and people love you more than me. You were always my superior, if not my equal. And I’ve always accepted that fact since we were kids; people have always respected you more. I was always just a sideline, always the second best. I do not know why you’re doing this all to me. I really don’t, Zara. What happened to us being together forever and ever? What happened to all those catfights that would end with exchanging of innocent gifts of Choos or MiuMius? I’ve kept quiet for long enough! You double-crossed me like nothing else, but I forgave you every time, because I know I am flawed, too, Zara. But I don’t understand why!” The girl finally broke into soft sobs, and now the hangover Natalia seemed to take control over the sober and logical Natalia.

Zara, who’d been sobbing like mad since Natalia started crying finally spoke up, “It’s because all you said isn’t true, Natalia! It was because I could never get him to look at me the way you did.” David turned to look at Zara who was now a complete mess, and despite the thick make up she had on her face, her mascara and eye liner smudges were rather obvious. She ought to change her whole makeup set or just stop wearing makeup overall. “From the day you introduced me to him, I fell in love. Like completely and madly in love with him. But he never looked at me the way he looked at you, Talia. Look at him, look at how he looks at you; how he stares at you like there’s no tomorrow!” David looked towards Zara, as his heart stopped beating upon listening to such sacred words uttered; Zara was now confessing. “He never looked at me the way he did when he looked at you; the way his face would light up almost immediately whenever he sees you smiling. I never got that from him, he’d never loved me the way he did with you.” Zara paused, rubbing off her mascara-tainted tears off her face. “I only slept with Sam because I wanted to avenge for my pain; since David never made the move on me. It was as if he wasn’t sexually attracted to me at all. Sam and I, we made it purely physical. You know that yourself, Talia.” The brunette nodded, but added, “But you never told me, Zara.” “Well, what did you want me to say? Hey Natalia I am kinda like sleeping with your boyfriend now and it’s only physical so please accept this memo and not be angry?” “I would’ve been more understanding if you had believed in me more.” Silence was her reply. “You know, it is sad Zara that things have to happen this way. I would’ve accepted whatever you told me. My girl friends came first before anyone else, and you should’ve known me better than anyone” The brunette continued, “But now it’s too late yes? It’s done. And I believe I do not want to listen to anything more. I really hope that you’re happy; you’ve already made me miserable enough as it is. I’ve lost Sam, that one person I let in my heart after Ru, I’ve lost Haruka to you, at which is the reason why you came here with her; you wanted to rub it in my face and it’s fine with me. But what hurts most right now isn’t Sam, isn’t Haruka, isn’t all those catfights and being the social outcast of the century, Zara. What hurts most is that I’m losing you. I’ve started to lose you ever since I don’t know when and the sad thing is that I couldn’t tell anyone about it; not even David.” Natalia finally stopped talking, tears brimming on her cheeks as she stood up and got another ciggie. Zara was already running out of the room and into the hallway, Haruka still trying to take in whatever that’s happened into her system, David brushing on Natalia’s shoulders. The whole house was silent once more.

“Natalia?” Haruka’s husky voice ended the stillness. “Yes, Ruka?” Natalia answered softly before turning to face her; the brunette clearly embarrassed that Haruka had to witness such a drama. “I’m sorry. Really, I am.” Natalia smiled sincerely, “It’s alright Ru. We can talk about it whenever you want to or ready. I just am frustrated that’s all.” Haruka nodded and left the room almost as quietly as possible. Natalia exhaled clear smoke, before looking at David, “Did you enjoy the performance?” David’s eyes widened at her question, “What do you mean? It seemed real to me.” Natalia smiled, as she inhaled and exhaled, another clear smoke visible to the naked eye. “You still can’t tell when I’m crying genuine tears and when I fake them?” David shook his head before the girl extinguished her half-smoked ciggie. “Those words were just, loose reality.” “You should really stop talking in codes you know? It’s very hard to decipher them when I’d just witnessed you pouring your heart and soul” “I had to say something to get them out of the house, yes?” David’s face was more puzzled than before. “ What do you mean?” “I said what I needed to say, but I wasn’t really crying because of what I said or what she did. I was crying because I felt pained because I saw Haruka and Zara, and that it hurts since Haruka wasn’t there for me all this while. She’s off to chase Zara, isn’t she?” David nodded, and offered her an embrace. She’d accepted it gladly and hugged him right back. She was in denial again; that she was. Her cries weren’t just about Haruka, it was also because she’d finally accepted reality that she’d lost everyone around her; that Zara had successfully won this undeclared war without the need to even launch missiles. Natalia had lost for the first time, she lost completely to Zara. But despite of whatever that was going on in her brains, her heart kept hanging tough and told her to dry her tears; Zara may have won everything else, but Zara still lost at keeping David’s heart. He was hers in the end and at that exact moment, that was all that mattered.


part 27

David got up almost immediately when he felt a large, soft object slammed onto his head. The loud giggles of a familiar voice helped in jumpstarting his head. It was a pillow, it was certainly Natalia, and she was up early to entertain the crazy hangover she was about to get or probably getting right now. David grinned, “You look pretty awesome this morning, beautiful.” The brunette smirked right back at him, before drinking the fruit juice David had gotten out of the fridge before they fell asleep. “So, is that how you’re gonna help cure my hangover, David Ryan Leigh? By showering me with praises like pretty, awesome and beautiful all in one sentence, and not to mention in one breath?” She was now sitting at the edge of the bed, her perfectly toned legs stretched out as she leaned on the footboard. One could’ve mistaken Natalia’s gaze as admiring the room or the figure in front of her, but to those who knew her better; they’d say Natalia was busying herself with the morning ponders of a hung-over person; she was just going through the series of events; trying to figure what ticked her off.

“Now you sound like the Natalia I know”, David’s head sinking into the fluffy pillow before he managed saying “Come back to bed” a couple of times before the brunette lunged herself onto him, causing him to jump out of his skeleton in pain. “Ouff” Natalia looked up and pressed her chin on his chest. “Stop teasing, your chin’s as sharp as knife.” The brunette giggled again, before rolling on her back; her head atop of his chest and the two of them now were facing the ceiling. “Did you mean what you said last night, Dave?” “Hmm?” “Did you mean it when you said you loved me?” David’s stomach churned at the words he’d just heard, but gathered all his strength and decided to become a man, “Yeah, I do.” “But you mean it a friend, right?” Silence was the only answer he provided. “You know, Dave? Sometimes I wonder, what if we were more than friends, you know? Like that dating kinda thing. Not in a relationship yet, but in the dating stage. Do you think it would work out between us?” David brushed Natalia’s hair softly; before continuing, “ I’d like to imagine pleasant things with you, but unfortunately you’re not the prettiest of creatures to have a relationship with you know?” His heart was almost pounding out of his chest. He secretly hoped that the brunette didn’t notice; since she was literally on top of him. “Am I THAT disgusting, Dave?” “Talia, of course that was a joke! But about you not being the most beautiful creature when you’re drunk; that’s true story, man!” He smiled, as she started chuckling. “But have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be” “Why are you so pushy today?” “I was just wondering...since I felt something in my heart when you told me that you loved me last night.” “Ohh, and what would that be?” “I don’t know, but it was a nice and warm feeling. Something I haven’t felt in years; something I felt with Ru once upon a time ago.”

David raised his eyebrows, his hands resting behind his head; at the nape of his neck. “Am I supposed to feel grateful?” Natalia wondered why such words had slipped her mouth, and decided to end the stupid, gibberish chatter by replying, “You’re such an ass. When will you ever get serious with me?” Little did she know that his answer was about to shock her even more, “I’ve always been serious about you; it was just that you never gave me a chance.” Natalia felt a stinging feeling in her eyes, before realising she had tears running down her cheeks. There was a comfortable silence in the room, before Natalia turned around and faced David; she was now sitting up on the bed. “Why are you telling all this to me now, Dave?” The guy felt the obligation to sit up; especially after looking into her chestnuts that grew dark all of a sudden. “What do you mean?” “You know as hell what I mean!” “Natalia, calm down!” “No, Dave! I discovered two very shocking news in the past 24hours of my life; how the eff am I supposed to calm down?” Her hangover was now on full-blast; coming hard to get anyone that ticked her emotions even with the slightest of nudges.

They were back to where they were from the start. This was one of the main reasons why David hated when Natalia consumed alcohol; she became a total bitch and a total drama-queen; someone totally out of place and out of her character. People say alcohol brings out the real in you, and David was certain that it wasn’t that alcohol brought out the ‘real’ identity of a person; it was that alcohol made everyone become too emotional; letting their feelings control their actions instead of following their friggin logic. He looked at one messed-up brunette who was now sobbing in her palms, her knees pulled up close to her body. David brought his body forward, and touched her softly on her back. “Tell me what happened, love.” “Haruka’s with Zara.” “WHAT?” “You heard me right, Haruka’s with Zara.” “Darling, none of this makes sense. You sh-“ “I know it doesn’t. Let me get myself together and I’ll tell you.” David nodded as the heiress got up, heading towards the bathroom. The sound of gags and vomit from the toilet; despite being quite the distance from the bedroom; reached David’s eardrums. ‘She had too much to drink. Even schnapps had quite the content of alcohol; what more vodka.’ His heart whispered as the sound of the toilet flushing rang back, and a very fucked-up-faced Natalia walking towards the bed.
“I found out something that led me to decide on something else.” The girl cleared her throat; her breath smelled of toothpaste and Listerine. David gave his 100% attention, his eyes locking its gaze with Natalia’s chestnuts. The last thing he wanted was Natalia to become frantic because he wasn’t looking at her when she was about to tell him something important. It had to be something important since it pushed the brunette to have 5vodka shots and umpteen amounts of schnapps. “Remember I told you Zara used to date Haruka? Well...they’re still together.” “You said that earlier” “Well, here’s the thing. Charlotte told me yesterday something about the maids at Zara’s place hearing the two fight like mad and Haruka kinda threatened Zara by wanting a break up but Zara didn’t allow it.” “When was this, love?” “What do you mean?” “I mean when did this Haruka-Zara fight occur?” “Last two weeks at Zara’s place.” David swallowed hard, “When was it that Haruka told you she came back from Europe?” “Friday. She told me that she wanted to see me first thing she landed, and that was why we went out Saturday; late noon at 4pm remember?” David nodded. “So...last two weeks meant...” Natalia weakly nodded back. “Hey! Since when did you make such assumptions? Go ask her straight forward, woman!” David punched her arm playfully, before noticing her eyes were watery all over again, “Because Haruka acted differently the first time I told her I wanted her to make love to me.” David arched a questioning brow, “What do you mean?” “I don’t know, Dave! Everything about her...was off. She started calling me koi all of a sudden, and she keeps brushing away the topic of why she’d left. It was weird. And she became possessive; especially when she found out I lost my virginity to you.” “How did she...?” “She reads faces, facial expressions, the colour of your eyes; she’s a reflection of me in that sense. Vibes, aura, all that shit.” David nodded, “What gave it away?” “When she answered that koneko was kitten, your eyes changed. Haruka acted weird, but I didn’t know that it’d be THIS weird, you know? It feels like somehow, I’m on some stupid drama series on TV.”

“Was that the trigger?” “Trigger for what?” “Oh, now you’re acting dumb? Geez, Talia. You’re such an ass when you want to be. You know, what the trigger triggered.” Natalia laughed for a bit, “Really, Dave? That was lameness taken to a WHOLE new level you know?” The girl seemed calmer now, as she sat up and sipped on her fruit juice. It was tropical juice, and she loved the mix of the refreshing taste of mangoes and berries. “But yes, the trigger was when I found that out. And because Charlotte chased me out and told me to get drunk in the bar since Phillip was still around.” Suddenly the memory of her teasing Phillip earlier; only to be such a pain in the ass later in the night came back; causing her to have flushes of pink tints on her cheeks. “You’re blushing because?” “I...I was such a bitch towards him. I was so incredibly...” “Hostile” David replied right back, completing her hanging sentence. “And teasing him isn’t going to do you any good, Natalia. Find other forms of entertainment if you will; teasing a guy who has deep feelings for you is like inviting a wolf to come visit a pig’s house via the front door.” “I didn’t tease him; I was just...trying to make him get me my absinthe. Don’t blame me, he was being impossible!” Natalia pouted playfully; as David popped open another bottle of orange fruit juice. “Like you even have those stored at the liquor shelves.” “I do, actually. I kept the bottle Zara gave me.” “Natalia, really, listen to what I’m saying now, please. Not every guy’s like Phillip.” “I know you’re not like Phil.” A devilish smile formed on the brunette’s face as she moved her body closer to Dave, her hands grabbing his left hand and placing it on her waist; her head now resting on his shoulders. The two best friends were now sitting side-by-side on the headboard of the bed; both drinking their juices wordlessly as nature’s symphony broke the silence of the beautiful, sunny morning.

“How did you get here, Dave? I don’t recall Phillip and you being friends, like, ever.” “I read minds, see. You and Haruka can do all those jibber-jabber crap, but me, I’m cooler than you girls; I read MINDS.” “HAHAHA” Natalia laughed mockingly, before continuing, “No, no. Seriously, did Phillip call you? Or did Charlotte call?” “It was Phil. He found your iphone and called me up.” “What took you so long?” “I was over at the vacation house” “What for?” “I needed to clean some stuff up, needed to check my gears” “You liar” “I don’t lie.” “Yeah, and I am the straight girl which came down from heaven yesterday” “I see your sarcasm’s picking up with mine; and I am perfectly sober.” “I told you, I didn’t drink too much.” “Yeah, well, in that case I should let you be with Phillip, he knows how to exactly handle you now.” The girl squealed loudly; pulling on David’s bronze hair jokingly and then he pulled her body closer to his. She felt his heartbeat in his chest, and knew that he’d felt hers. A naughty grin was now visible on his face, and Natalia smirked right back; not wanting to admit defeat. They stared into each other’s eyes, before Natalia pulled away, her whole face was now scarlet red. “Shy now, aren’t we?” “You cheated; you knew I’d pull away when you looked at me like that.” “Like what, Talia?” His hands were now sliding up the nape of her neck, and before she even realised it, she was out of breath.

“Tell me, love.” “When you look at me with lust and passion in your eyes!” The girl inhaled a large amount of air as soon as she finished her sentence, her heart still beating fast as their eyes connected again. “Tell me what you see in my eyes now, Talia.” Two can play at this game! But it was at that moment in time that she’d remembered seeing the familiar gaze; as if he had looked at her this way before. The stare was nothing like those ordinary, naughty gazes they’d share. They were...familiar but said a thousand and one emotions that were clearly alien to her. But the gaze, it kept making her feel...warm. Warm and fuzzy and nice on the inside. It felt familiar; like a cuddle or a bear hug from him. The soothing feeling was now filling in the chambers of her lonely heart, and before she knew it, the two of them were now lost in a passionate kiss, David’s gestures suggesting that he was asking for permission to deepen the kiss. It all felt wonderful, a little too wonderful to be true. The kiss was nothing like the one she experienced with Haruka, nor that kiss she’d shared with David the night he took her innocence. It was different; on every single level. It was warm, welcoming, slow, patient and kind. It was the most perfect kiss Natalia had ever experienced, and for the first time in life, she didn’t want something so sacred to end, she wanted to stop time and stayed in the arms of this one person whom now she knew, had loved her since forever. He meant every word he said, and this was here; the kiss; was the truth.

part 26


‘Now who would that be?’ David’s heart asked as he reached for the telephone on the table. David was having problems sleeping; which was in his case nothing unusual. ‘Talia’s calling? For what?’ His heart asked, as he answered, “Hello?”

“Hello? Dave?” ‘That’s weird, since when did Natalia’s voice become like a man’s?’ His mind asked subconsciously as he answered, “Yeah, it is. Who’s this?” “Hey Dave, it’s me Phillip.” “Oh, hey. Where’s Talia?” “That’s why I’m calling you. I think you’ve gotta come by the estate.”


“SHIT! What happened, dude?” Upon listening to the change in his voice, the caller quickly assured him of Natalia’s safety.

“Oh, no no. She’s fine. She’s asleep. It’s just that I think it might be a wise decision for you to come by.”

“What happened? I know she isn’t suicidal, Phillip. Can’t you just tell me what happened?”
“Well, she was...flirting with me and teasing me with her robe, and the next thing I know she was downing five vodka shots and drinking more schnapps. Then she started telling me to make love to her and then she was naked and then she started crying and then sh-“

“DID YOU DO ANYTHING TO HER?” His voice now was fuelled with anger. It wasn’t a secret to him; he knew Phillip had feelings for her.

“NO DUDE I SWEAR I’D NEVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT IN ANY WAY.” The caller’s voice was stern and screamed of innocence in so many ways.


“Then she started crying like mad, sobbing and I scooped her up and brought her to the room and helped her change into bed clothes and then she started calling me by your name.”
That must’ve hurt. He pitied the bartender; he must’ve not known what to do. Not many people could handle the girl when she goes all crazy and when she was having break downs. She was beautiful and cold when she’s sober, but to deal with her after she drinks and when having her hangovers; that’s the worst situation anyone could ever put up with.

“Was she alone?”

“Hell yeah she was. Or else she wouldn’t be crying to me for god’s sake.”

True that. David was already in his yellow Spider, keys already in the ignition.

“Did you happen to see Haruka anywhere?”


‘Oh yeah, he must’ve thought Haruka was a guy.’

“Did you see a tall guy, blonde hair, teal eyes in a charcoal grey suit leaving the estate in an Enzo?”

“Oh yeah, I was about to ask you that. He was about to leave just when I came in for work. Good-looking chap but wasn’t as good-looking with his manners, though. Only gave me a slight nod, but then again he seemed to be in a hurry. Nice car, that’s for sure. Is that her boyfriend? She came to the bar only in her robe.”

“Okay. I’m on my way. Don’t leave her. Give me an hour.”

“Yeah, I can’t drive back anyways; I drank quite the lot with her.”

“How many glasses did you have?”

“Roughly two.”

“Two glasses and you can’t drive? You wuss”

“Two glasses means failing the breathalyser, Dave. And you know I love my skyline.”

“Okay. Just as long as you keep touching her head when she keeps stirring in her bed, you’ll live peacefully.”

“So now she’s a baby?”

“You saw how she was. She’s worse than a baby.”

“Why are you telling me all of this? You’ll be here in an hour and she’d just fallen asleep.”

“Oh just you wait. I can’t ruin the rest of the fun that’s coming your way now. See you in a bit.”

David ended the phone call and stepped on the accelerator pedal. It was going to be a long night, and he drove away into the darkness, heading towards the last place he wanted to be at the moment on earth.


‘What did he mean by that?’ And as if right on cue, Natalia started to stir beneath the blankets. Her mouth was mumbling something he couldn’t understand what, and then she started crying in her sleep. He quickly rushed to her side and brushed her cheeks, but somehow she realised it wasn’t David, and before he could do anything else, her eyes, a pair of bloodshots, opened up and she looked into his blues. There was a moment of silence, before she started sobbing terribly all over again. “Where’s David? I want David! Where’s David?! You’re not David, you don’t smell like him! And you’re so much shorter than he is!” Her shrills got louder as he tried to calm her down. David was right; she isn’t anything like a butterfly when she’s drunk. Her tears became bigger, and she became even more territorial, as she kept asking where the hell was David and why was Phillip in her bedroom; why did she have clothes on and all those other bull crap questions that he should pay no mind to.

‘Hurry up David, before I decide to skin her alive.’


David arrived forty-minutes after the phone call. He didn’t bother to ring or knock; he had a spare key and walked in straight away like he owned the place. He cursed himself to death inside his mind; hoping that Mrs Adams and Mr Adams would forgive him for doing such a thing; hoping that his parents wouldn’t threaten to disown him for the lack of manners he had at that particular moment but he assured himself that in desperate times, desperate measures seem to be the last resort. David jogged a little towards Natalia’s room; her screams now slowly become clearer to his ears. Poor Phillip; he must’ve wished that he died there and then. He waited for a moment as he stopped in front of her door; listening to Phillip as he tried to calm her down. David could hear mumbles of words like, “It’s alright, baby”, some “he’s gonna be here soon” and a lot of “don’t cry”. Deep down, David wanted to break down the door, but in a way he wanted to let Phillip face the sweet tortures his partner in crime was giving the poor bartender. As he came back to his senses, he opened the door to an over-emotional, teary Natalia; whose hair was now being tied by Phillip; the bartender constantly rubbing his hands on her shoulder blades. “DAVID!” Both of them screamed with joy; before pausing and looking at each other; both offering death stares at each other.

The brunette ran towards him, her hands high above her head; as he picked her up and she hugged him like she was a small girl; him being the biggest teddy bear in a toy store. Phillip, who displayed a brief look of relief, now had a big grin on his face which to David’s knowledge meant nothing more; he was mocking him indirectly. As the girl sobbed in his chest, Phillip walked past the two people hugging by the door, patting his shoulder pitifully. David glared at him, before the bartender opened his mouth, “Congratulations! She’s your hangover now. Thank god you’re sober.” “Where are you going, Phil?” “Geez, I don’t know. The bar? I need some good absinthe now; to clear whatever I heard and saw of that girl of yours.” The bartender waved his goodbye but stopped upon hearing the heiress wailing, “Phillip I wanted absinthe just now! You were so stupid to not give me that of which I wanted and yearned for!” Phillip back-tracked into the room, before teasing the clearly-messed up girl, “If I gave you absinthe, chances are you’d be dead by now.” “Alcohol doesn’t make you die, you stupid piece of shit!” “Uhhh, feisty aren’t we? Well, if I gave you that of which you yearned for, you’d be dead by now because I’d skin you alive there and then.” He teased right back, earning a soft whine from the brunette girl, “No I wouldn’t, David would never allow that, wouldn’t you, sweetie?” She gave David a big kiss on his nose, before David could answer. “You know, Natalia, you could’ve warned me beforehand. If I knew you’d be all gaga over David like this, I would’ve saved myself alotta trouble by calling him sooner.” Natalia stuck her tongue out, before managing to slam the white oak door in the bartender’s face. Soon, the sound of Phillip’s footsteps grew fainter and died with the night. The brunette now turned to meet David’s gaze, before hugging him closer; her head now resting quietly on his broad chest. The two stood right where they were for quite some time, David slowly swaying their bodies together to a rhythm he hummed. She was already falling asleep in his arms.

David placed the half-asleep brunette down into the sheets, before rushing to Natalia’s walk in wardrobe and locating the mini fridge; grabbing bottles of fruit juices and making his way back to the bed before the girl starts to throw a fit again. When he arrived at the bed, she was sitting up; her eyes half-closed. “Princess?” Natalia turned to see David already sitting next to her, his eyes meeting hers. “Oh David, what have I done?” Her voice began to sound hollow. “You scarred Phillip for life; that’s what you’ve done.” The girl giggled for a bit, “It’s a good warning, he’d never try anything funny with me ever again.” David’s eyes widened, before she continued; in between chuckles, “Oh god, Dave! I was just joking! I wasn’t even drunk.” David squinted his eyes at the statement, “You liar! I saw your eyes, you were most definitely drunk. Still are if you ask me.” The brunette smiled, before laying her head on David’s lap, her hands softly brushing his bronze bangs. “You know what, I am drunk. But I’m actually sober enough to not throw a fit.” “Then why did you do it?” Silence “So you admit then, you were drunk?” “Still am” David smiled and kissed the brunette’s forehead. “I love you” Natalia looked at him, stared into his brown eyes. She felt a million of unknown emotions lingering in his soul for some reason and then everything just became hazy, and then her world became pitch black. David lifted his hand and caressed her pale cheek, before kissing her lips lightly. “I’ve always loved you. If only you knew.” He then placed her into the sheets, before hugging her and turning off the lights.

Part 25

Sorry, had to leave. I left something for you in the kitchen. About our date ...rain check?

“Rain check as always” Natalia half-smiled at the pink post-it note that had lost all signs of adhesiveness next to her pillow. It was already dark when the brunette woke up, only to discover that the mop of sandy blonde hair that reminded her of strawberries and fresh oranges was nowhere to be found. The girl almost threw a fit, but then felt rather stupid for even thinking of doing so when she turned to her side to find the note. The small memo was already sufficient enough to keep Natalia from frowning at that particular moment, since there were no signs of changes in neither her facial features nor her body language, but deep down in her heart, she regretted her actions of bedding Haruka. Deep down in her cold, lonely heart, she felt a huge slap on her face. Maybe the fact that she was secretly a hopeless romantic did cloud her judgements of Haruka’s actions, but in the end, she was still at lost; no matter what reasonable or careless explanation Haruka would offer. No one’s supposed to leave the bed after their first love-making session; especially when they’ve not met for almost forever and leaving a note without explaining much would not suffice! Her mind started its unstoppable cursing and swearing as she felt tears running down the walls of her heart. It was happening all over again; the consequences when she let her guard down. Natalia showed nothing of her utter disappointment on the outside, only smiling devilishly as she admired her naked body in the full-length mirror. She decided to pay no mind to the inner debate that was occurring in her system, before reasoning on which spring-coloured robe she’d wear to the kitchen. Now clothed in nothing else but the fuchsia-robe, she walked towards the kitchen, anticipating what Haruka had left for her.
“Miss Adams, Miss Segara made you Japanese curry and rice for dinner. She gave me specific orders to ensure you eat it after I reheat everything.” Charlotte, one of the longest maids working for the Adams family spoke as she saw Natalia walking into the kitchen.

“Charlotte, how many times do I have to tell you? Don’t call me Miss Adams, call me Natalia. How long have you been working here for again?” The brunette sounded slightly annoyed, hugging the elder woman, and then taking a seat on one of the stools, her hands on the wooden countertop. The elder woman smiled at the young woman as she reheated the curry and rice, and added in some other side salad and tempura. “Been working here since you were a baby.” The brunette nodded. “You know, Miss Adams; err I mean Natalia, I really am happy to see Miss Segara back around here.” Natalia smiled as she raised her eyebrow, wondering where the conversation was going. “Me too, Charlotte. Haven’t seen her for a while and I surely miss her.” Charlotte knew very well the secrets that the Adams family had since she’d been working for them for so long now. Of course she knew of how much it meant for Natalia to be having Haruka back in her life; since she knew too well of how the sudden disappearance of the Segara family had caused such depression onto the young girl, it was anything but a secret to the household.

The elder woman served her young master the dinner, and before excusing herself, she said, “I know I am not in the position to say anything, but I think you might want to keep an eye out.” Natalia, who was drinking the warm tea; almost choked upon hearing such words, “What do you mean, Charlotte?” “If I may continue?” The brunette nodded, listening attentively. “The other girls went out to buy some grocery a while back; and said they saw Miss Segara with Miss Evans having breakfast.” It was indeed nothing new; Haruka did go out with many girls; that’s just how the racer was. “It’s none of my business as to who Miss Segara goes out with, am I right?” The elder woman now looked anxious and nervous. “That’s right, I am terribly sorry. Although there’s another thing you might want to know.” Natalia smirked and continued to chew on her food before looking straight into the elder woman’s eyes. “Miss Evans’ maids’ are close to me, and they told me that they heard Miss Segara and Miss Evans screaming and...” Nothing new again. “And?” “And they heard that Miss Segara said she wanted a break up but Miss Evans wouldn’t allow it.” “When was this?” “This was...two weeks ago.” Natalia’s chopsticks fell onto the floor. The world literally stopped spinning.

Natalia’s senses came back after the brunette noticed Charlotte bending over to clean up the mess she’d made. “I’m really sorry, Charlotte. I’m such a nuisance.” The brunette replied, quickly helping the elder woman clean up the mess she’d made. “Oh, don’t you worry Miss Adams. It’s my job anyways. Now, why don’t you head to the bar? I remember seeing Phillip cleaning up before I came into the kitchen; maybe he’d be more than happy to make you a drink?” Natalia raised both her eyebrows again; looking rather surprised at Charlotte’s suggestion. The woman had basically brought the brunette up, and she was never happy with the Adams for spoiling the child like mad, but Charlotte knew Natalia inside out, she was only doing so many things to get her father’s attention. When Natalia grew out of the attention-seeking stage, the woman knew the young girl still partied like mad and behaved like a brute only because that was the only happiness she was capable of comprehending; never knowing the sweetness of other simple things in life. Charlotte was, to Natalia, more than just some nanny or maid; she’d basically raised the brunette as if she were the elder woman’s own daughter; and listening to such a figure tell her to go get drunk really came as a surprise. “Thanks, Charlotte. If it were those other girls serving me tonight, they’d be really irritated. I never finish my food and really, I always make a mess out of everything I touch. And don’t call me Miss Adams, it’s Natalia!” The woman watched the young brunette as a frown slowly decorated her beautiful face. “You’re just fine the way you are, my child.” With a motherly kiss on the forehead, Charlotte sent Natalia out of the kitchen and towards the bar at the opposite end of the house, the room near the entertainment room.
“Can I have a shot of Absinthe?” Her voice almost startled the young and rather good-looking bartender who was busy wiping the shot glasses. The heiress sat quietly on one of the crimson stools, her eyes wondering around the shelves; searching for the right choice of alcohol to be drowning her system with. Phillip picked up a few shot glasses and a bottle of Absolut; before facing the beautiful young brunette; his heart almost jumping out of his chest when he saw Natalia’s robe hanging almost too-loosely from her shoulders; half of her breasts almost visible. It wasn’t that it was unusual for the girl to parade around the house almost naked, but it was weird that the way her robe clung onto her body made her look as if she didn’t care about what she wore; or with what sort of company she was with. “I’d give you Absinthe but you’ve gotta at least be decent first.” A playful smirk was now clear on Natalia’s face, as she got up and stood dangerously close to his face, whispering softly, “Then you’d better prepare Everclear, cause I’m NEVER decent around hot boys like you.” She ended the conversation with a slight kiss on Phillip’s left cheek; adjusting her robe to fall off slightly more than before from her shoulders and untying it even more loosely. Natalia was now sitting; her naked body almost visible to the world, but the robe was still somehow covering those places.
“You’re such a tease, Natalia.” He managed to breathe out once he’d regain his composure, his hands now pouring the vodka into the shot glass in front of her. Natalia grinned happily knowing too well that Phillip was definitely harmless. He was a few years older than Natalia, with clear blue eyes and a red-head. He went to the public high-school near the prep school Natalia went to; and they met by accident at a local pub where Natalia frequented when she felt like being alone (Yes, she started drinking alcohol at a really young age and one of the perks of being filthy rich was that drinking at such a young age was possible ). Phillip was looking for a job as a bartender, but because of the laws; he was too young to handle alcohol at that time. Her estate had a big bar; but no one to mind it and Natalia had given up on trying to make mixed drinks; they’d all end up down the sink for tasting rather too nasty. So she offered him the job there and then, and since then he’s been around the estate. He’s always had a huge crush on Natalia since forever, and Natalia knew it very well, but it was one of those understood topics they knew to never spoke of.

“I thought I told you specifically that I wanted...absinthe?” “Yeah, but since I’ll be drinking with you, I thought I’d choose.” “And who gave you the right to do so? Am I not your young master?” Natalia replied, not wanting to give up as her eyes followed the young man to his seat. “That you are, indeed. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got a clear mind now, yes?” Understanding what he meant, Natalia half-smiled, before tightening her robe a bit more as the bartender sat next to her. “That’s better.” She heard him mumble as both of them took their respective shot glasses and downed it within seconds. “It’s been a while since you came down here. No, it’s been a while since ANYONE came down here. I’m really beginning to think that I’m getting money from the charity; and that’s alot of money; being 150 bucks an hour multiply by 6.” He spat as he watched the brunette downing her third shot. “You really shouldn’t be complaining. Those 150 bucks per hour isn’t bloody charity money; that’s money to baby-sit me at times like these!” She squealed as she untied her hair; her brown pool of curls now resting wonderfully on her shoulders; covering her face slightly. She looked more beautiful the way she was now, with her hair down, no makeup, barely anything covering her. She looked...serene. He stopped staring when he noticed the girl smirking, “Enjoying what you see?” “Not really, there are still...too many holes.” “Holes? What do you mean?” “Too many holes to this picture; it’s imperfect still.” Natalia shrugged, not understanding a single word he was saying. “You’ve got holes in your heart all of a sudden. Someone recently shot you.” Natalia giggled, downing her fourth shot. “No, I came here because I missed you.” Knowing that was far from the truth, the bloke smiled, “I know you only drink when something’s bothering you; especially when you’re about to drink up your fifth shot in such a short interval of time.”

“Trying to play mummy, yes, Phil?” “No, Talia. I’m only saying that you should watch your alcohol intake. You drink too much sometimes, you shouldn’t overindulge you know?” “Says a bartender who once passed out in MY room for over-testing the liquor and alcohol I’d received from Zara from Europe?” he lost. ‘Damn’ His heart yelped as he watched helpless as the young girl downed the fifth. “You know, you’ll never win an argument with me.” “I do know that, I’ve tried that too many times; you’re almost impossible. I wonder how David does it. Talking about Dave, where’s he?” Natalia leered at Phillip, almost kicking the guy in his balls. “How should I know? Do I look like his mother to you?” Annoyance resonated from her voice as she got up to the liquor cabinet; now busy looking for something else to drink. “If you’re looking for the cherry schnapps it’s directly in front of you.” The brunette picked it up and smiled broadly. “And that is why we’re paying you 150 bucks an hour, you read minds too!”

“Natalia, what are you doing with yourself?” Phillip looked at her as he watched painfully as his long-time crush gulped the alcohol straight from the bottle. She was now in her world, disregarding everything that was going on around her; and most definitely ignoring Phillip who was just sitting helplessly watching her drink up like mad. “That’s not water, love.” “What did you call me?” “I called you, love.” Natalia began chuckling like mad as she threw herself onto him. “Make love to me.” Phillip was even more puzzled; never in his lifetime had any girl ever said that to him. If only Natalia meant what she said; if only she said it to him when she was as sober as a judge. “Natalia, what’s wrong with you? Do you want to talk about it?” “Can’t we just shut up and make love already?” “Natalia, this is not you. You’re not thinking straight!” “What, now you’ve turned totally gay?! Suddenly you don’t like me anymore?” She was almost hysterical now, her voice shaking as her hands were trying to untie her robe. Phillip shook her shoulders slowly, “Natalia! Natalia! Compose yourself! The hell is wrong with you?” He screamed and that was when he saw Natalia, for the first time, sobbing like a big baby. The goddess was already naked, but somehow the idea of taking advantage of her didn’t register in his brains, but what came to mind was to scoop her up and rock her so that she’d at least stop crying. And he did just that; with the addition of covering her naked body with the robe.

Phillip carried Natalia to her room as she clung onto him. As he laid her down onto the bed, he went to her walk-in wardrobe and grabbed a pair of boxer shorts and a big t-shirt. He gave them to her and she wore them obediently; Phillip turning around and stared at the wall to give her some privacy. Once she was dressed, Phillip tucked her into bed. “Are you feeling any better?” The weeping and sobbing had stopped, but shitty summarised her facial expression. She was now zoning out and it took her quite a few minutes to actually look at him when he called her name. Phillip really didn’t know what to do, he’d never had to handle such a break down and it was definitely worse than a normal break down. “Will you stay with me for the night, Dave?” Phillip nodded, before rocking her gently. He knew at that moment what he needed to do. He needed to find David. He needed to call David, but that had to wait until the brunette in his arms was finally asleep. It didn’t take long for her to claim herself a temporary visitor in her dream world, and once he was sure that she was already asleep, he picked up Natalia’s phone and searched for his name. Pressing the call button, his heart somehow slowed down. He prayed hard that David would pick up, and when he heard a harsh “Hello?” on the other line, he exhaled a sigh of relief. Thank god for David.