Wednesday, September 27, 2017


How is it possible for the mind to be conscious,
Yet senses are forgotten,
And the menacing sound of the silence becomes second nature,
With the presence of it's passion?

How does one explain such tunnelled visions,
When one's eyes can see vast horizons,
And still selectively choose to observe,
What it's core desires?

How is this reality when the earth creaks,,
As mobile feet roam wide distances,
and time runs wild,
But chooses to acknowledge only the presence,
Of what it craces to touch?

Does my presence nullify your existence?
Does my voice silence the commotion in your head?
Does my touch weakens your imagination and logic?
Like you do, to me?

Surrounded by the hullabaloo of options and questions,
Palpable emotions shouldn't be the turning point of the chapter.
'So have a seat, lady', you say,
'And have coffee with me', you say,
'And let's digest the ambiance around us', you say,
'With hearts full of patience and doubt?', I say,
'With echoes of the past ringing in your your years?', I say,

Skin on skin caress, soft lips lock, before the whole world resumes its pace again.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The mermaid and the man

As I walk towards my flight,
Your hollow voice sings lullabies of the night,
Of forgotten memories of the sun,
Of silent dreams of the stars,
Of tales of the moody moon in milk,
Of joyous laughter of the satellites.

My eyes see glimpses of anguish and pain,
Of every shade of red, blue and yellow,
Of every dimension of your cavernous soul,
Of every inch of that last embrace,
Of every, bloody cell of that taciturn heart of yours.

In the purple rain and under teary, blood skies,
The unseen, broken arrows lead the plane into the unknown,
Where fate, destiny and courage are imprisoned,
Expectations are forever binding,
And sorrow is inevitable.

At the funerals of emotions, affinity and shared dreams,
You stand close-by, offering dead roses to their loved ones,
To all the eyes that meet the scene, they offer frowns and condolences,
When in reality, hearts are thankful the cards were dealt,
And no more bets were to be made.

Before pricking your finger on the thorns of bitter regret,
You kiss my eyebrows and offered one last, ice-cold embrace.

On a secluded spot,
Where pastel-coloured paintings of the vast scenery could be observed,
Of the majestic mountain tips where the unknown heights meet mysterious constellations,
With skylines as bright as amber,
And glaring, clear rivers flow,
You take my hand,
and swayed to the song of The Goodbye

Closing my eyes and trusting this dance,
We waltz on the blooming spring bed,
Accompanied by the sound of our heartbeats, the laughter of cowards and the howling of our failures,
Satisfying our lust for one another.

In the nick of time, the ambiance shifted.
For what was colourful and sentimental,
is now an abrupt, blinding dark hole.
Whispering in a daft and frozen breath,
'Perfect things never last',
You push me hard down the clifftop
and into oblivion and perpetual darkness.

As I close my eyes and accept my end,
I send you one last flying kiss,
And then finally, finally,
I am swallowed by death.


Noisy daylight and silent rush hour traffic in this new space,
In oceans of people, you stand with a hollow soul,
As waves of confusion crash on those eroded shores,
Emeralds, pearls, rubies and jades,
Streams of precious stones from your point of view,
Vast horizons and limitless skies before you,
One part of you excited, the other one, cold as ice.

Enthusiasm seem far-fetched,
Agony and pain are permanent residents,
Anguish and torment your imposing neighbours,
Joy and love no longer in the same zipcode.

Do you regret it now, trading poised campervans for void mansions?
Does your $20 nicoise salad taste like instant $2 ramen?
Would you rather walk barefooted on polluted tar grounds,
Than promenande on manicured grass of that enclosure?

Is this the reality of the back door?
Is this the masked nightmare everyone yearns for?

Standing before your whole world,
Close your grey eyes,
It will all be over in one jump.


How does one not dwell,
When one has kissed the stars and embraced the moonlight?

How does one keep a secret,
When an angel is her playmate and the Garden of Eden, her fort?

Tell me,
How should one behave when butterflies surround her vision,
when rainbows decorate her heart?

Tell me,
To whom should I seek help, to whom should I write to,
For my everbroken soul needs refuge from the past,
and yearsn to start anew with you

Should I call you,  or should I wait for the sun to set?
Should I tell you, or should I wait till you dream tonight?
This longing I have cannot be contained, cannot be advised
All I need is a glimpse of paradise,
That will be seen through your eyes.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Every night before,
You'd trace my jawline,
And watch me slumber,
You'd tell me your secrets,
and brushed me off my sins.

But tonight,
You said goodbye,
You couldn't explore my faculties anymore,
You told me the devil found out,
and that there wouldn't be us no more.

I stand quietly,
Overlooking the unoccupied bed,
An overview of the whole room,
Sobbing silently,
Swearing effortlessly,
As the invisible figure approaches,
Kissing my cold cheeks and whispering,
Words of love and apologies

I glance from afar,
That invisible figure disappears,
Traveling through the night,
Ending his journey near a house,
With a yellow  car parked right beside.

Far and wide,
His image comes to light,
He kisses the toddler's forehead,
and wishes the child goodnight,
Thoughts of us runs through his head,
All washed out at the sound of her voice.

Monday, October 24, 2016


You said,
It'll be forever.
You said,
Our stars would shine forever,
You said,
Your love will be like no other,
Yeah, that's what you said.

I believed,
That love would be for eternity,
I believed,
Your heart will always be for me,
I believed,
In happy endings happy stories,
I believed,
In long term stability
Yeah, that's what I believed.

Two full moons passed,
Yet we still haven't moved.
What a lie this is!
What a shame this is!

You ought to count your blessings now,
And hold on to your sandy-white-beached dream,
Cause I,
I am not gonna be your cotton candy clouds,
I won't be your chocolate flavoured rivers,
Or ever become your empress in a tower.

So walk on and get out,
Your maps end here,
Your words can't be your staying pass no more.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Devil's play

If only,
Time were more flexible,
Memories were erasable,
Words were retractable,
You and I,
Would move along,
Never exchanging glances.

If only,
Songs were unsung,
Lyrics were unwritten,
And promises were unbroken,
You and I,
Would hold hands,
and drive around the endless roads.

If only,
You cared enough,
You loved enough,
You listened enough,
And communicated enough,
You and I,
Would still make secret plans,
And have late night take outs.

If only,
I didn't fall in love,
I didn't miss,
And I didn't know you,
You and I,
Would wonder about life,
and never appreciate tiny details.

But what ifs,
Doubts and sorrows,
Pain and angst,
All devil's play.
Life is better now,
And for that,
 You couldn't stay.